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The Bus Project Foundation's Rebooting Democracy Policy Contest

2012 Rebooting Democracy Challenge

Help the Bus Project Foundation chart a course towards a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous Oregon.

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The Specifics

How will we build an education system that serves the needs of all Oregonians? How can we build a strong economy that does as much good for the community as it does for corporate bottom-lines? How can we ensure strong protections for Oregon’s working families?

These are the questions you can help us answer by casting your vote in the Rebooting Democracy Policy Contest. Cast your vote for one of six public interest policies and help determine what the Bus Project Foundation will work on for the next two years.

The Bus Project Foundation is an Oregon-based non-profit that’s all about doing democracy right. We are Oregon’s next generation and we’re out to build a great future and empower great people (like you) to lead it. We’re grassroots, nonpartisan and we organize Oregonians, face-to-face.

Rules & Regulations

Criteria for Voting

As you cast your votes throughout the week, keep the following criteria in mind:
1. It solves a problem that disproportionately affects Oregon’s next generation.
2. Young people support it and are excited and energized to volunteer to help it cross the finish line.
3. Offers a chance to build on and highlight leadership from communities of color.​
4. It gives a chance to build new, unique partnerships to strengthen the movement.

The Prize

  • Dedicated Bus advocacy support in the 2013 legislative session.
  • Bus volunteer testimony in the 2013 legislative session.
  • Communications support to get the word out, including video production, social media, earned media and email efforts.


  • Voting closes at 12 PM PST on April 20
  • Anyone 18 and older is eligible to cast one vote online
  • Attendees of Rebooting Democracy events in Portland, Oregon can also cast a vote at each event of the festival from April 16-21. More information on this at
  • On Saturday, April 21 we will announce the top 3 policies that will advance to Round 2.
  • Round 2 voting will only take place in person at Rebooting Democracy events on April 22
  • The top 2 vote-getters will win the Bus’s support and will be announced at the Rebooting Democracy Closing Ceremonies on April 22

Note: The Bus Project Foundation wrote all submissions and is using GOOD Maker to collect community input. This is not a GOOD sponsored contest. Review the official rules for online voting here.

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Submission Began
Tuesday, April 17

Submission Ended
Tuesday, April 17
at 10:30 AM PDT

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Voting Began
Tuesday, April 17

Voting Ended
Friday, April 20
at 12:00 PM PDT

Circle-3 Step3-title
Justice Reinvestment

Winner Announced
Friday, April 20

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