Prenatal Care For All Women

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The Quick & Dirty


Provides for affordable prenatal care for all women in Oregon, regardless of their documentation status.

The Problem


Moms are put at risk. 55% of counties in Oregon do not provide pre-natal care for undocumented mothers, leaving 3,000 women without care. 1 in 3 Hispanic mothers in Oregon don’t receive prenatal health care in the first trimester.


The babies suffer. Babies born in Oregon are citizens and therefore qualify for Oregon Health Plan, but since many undocumented women do not have health insurance, the babies lose out on prenatal care (the most cost-effective way to improve pregnancy outcomes).


It loses taxpayer money. Taking care of babies born with preventable birth defects costs the health care system far more money than the cost of prenatal care.

The Solution:


Expand the “Citizen Alien Waived Emergent Medical PLUS” Prenatal Expansion Program so that all women in Oregon have access to timely prenatal care.

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