Fighting Wage Theft

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The Quick & Dirty


Make sure all workers get paid for all the hours they work, get the overtime they’ve earned and aren’t forced to work for free.

The Problem


Low-income workers get screwed. Many employees aren’t paid overtime, asked to do stuff “after you clock out”, don’t get to keep all their tips, required to work through breaks, etc.


It hurts good businesses. Businesses who pay their employees all their earned wages start out hundreds of thousands of dollars behind just for following the law.


It hurts young workers. Service-sector workers (restaurants, hospitality, salons) report wage-theft at higher rates than any other industry and the information sector - techy-jobs - isn't far behind.

The Solution:


Give the Bureau of Labor and Industries new tools to combat wage theft (including imposing penalties on businesses that repeatedly violate wage laws and by requiring wage bonds of businesses that habitually fail to pay wages owed to their workers).

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